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CONTAM User Guide and Program Documentation

CONTAM User Guide and Program Documentation - Online version

CONTAM User Guide and Program Documentation [PDF: 3.34 MB] - Last updated September 2015.

CONTAM 3.0 Tutorial Provides detailed guidance and example files to get you started using the CFD capabilities of CONTAM 3.0.

CONTAM 3.0 Background Information

Wang, L. (2007). Coupling of Multizone and CFD Programs for Building Airflow and Contaminant Transport Simulations. PhD Dissertation. Purdue University, Lafayette.

Wang, L. (2010). Using CFD Capabilities of CONTAM 3.0 for Simulating Airflow and Contaminant Transport in and around Buildings. HVAC&R Research Journal 16(6).

Background Information on Network Airflow Calculations

AIRNET Program Documentation [PDF: 10.6 MB]

AIRNET is the predecessor to CONTAM. Even though CONTAM's capabilities have greatly improved upon AIRNET, this document provides useful information on the airflow analysis capabilities of CONTAM, particularly in the form of test cases.

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